A father’s heart

How one’s heart changes when they hear the news there going to have a little one. But none would ever guess the profound impact it would have on a future dads entire life. It is like driving up a mountain. It seems like you have many more miles to go but it will be here before you know it. When driving up those windy dangerous mountain roads all you can do is think about what the view will be like once you reach the top. But if you enjoy the ride up the mountain you will notice much more. Soak up the scenery. The animals that you are passing by and the different types of trees.

I was thinking maybe no one else feels like this…but I know that every to be Dad probably feels that this ride is crazy. Waiting in eager anticipation. Knowing that over the many months to come before the arrival there will be twists and turns in the road. There will be dead trees that you pass by and there will be luscious beautiful tall green trees.

I was reading a book title “Everything father-to-be book: A survival guide for men.” I know funny funny. Anyways this book covered all kinds of elements of how life changes before and after the baby comes. One topic that is hard for men to deal with is that the expecting process primarily has to do with Mom & Baby. Dad is there as stand by but feels left out of the process. This is true but God has taught me that my part in the expecting process is to be supportive, loving, kind, patient, and encouraging to Sarah. I help out with dishes, cleaning, cooking, and laundry more now. I will admit that I am thankful that Sarah normally does these tasks. I realize that she has a harder job than I acknowledge with taking care of the home and other responsibilities. So thank you Sarah for all you do.

I never thought my world could change so much in so many months. I’m all grown up now…kinda. I am now driving slower and differently knowing that I am going to be a Dad and have to be safe. I am much more protective of Sarah then I have been in the past. If she tries to carry something heavy I’m like HEY HEY NO WAY put that down. She is making some beautiful picture frames to decorate our place and was going to spray them with a clear coat-no way! You cant breathe in that stuff. Anyways I want to say to my Dad and other Dads out there that you guys rock. I always for some reason thought that being a Dad would not be that hard…NOT. I love you guys and open for advice always as I seek to prepare my heart to be a Godly dad for the new one coming.

Until next time- Papa Kyle


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We are the next generation of Bowlers. We want to inform family and friends of our family and life as we go through various seasons and battles. Some are very joyous and others tough. But through them all God is molding us and using us. An Arabic proverb I like says "Sunshine alone creates deserts." As it says in James 1:2-3 "Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trails of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness (or perseverance or patience)." So we love when the dark clouds roll in. Because the rain and hard seasons cause growth. View all posts by bowlerfaithandfamily

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